New Artwork Posted: Raker

All Sailors and Sailoresses of the Hydraen fear Rakers. The sheer thought of encountering a thrash (group) of Rakers at sea would be enough to make them bunker down at the Tangled Kelp Tavern for another brew or two – and leave that cargo shipment for the next Step.

The Raker’s taste for ‘Land-Flesh’, whether that flesh is wood or human – is insatiable. So a tasty wooden ship, full of tasty squishy humans, is a smorgasbord on the high seas for these voracious predators.

But fortunately for the Seafarers Union – the Raker, like all Shadefiends, only venture out and hunt after dark. Rakers emerge from their vast submarine caves into open waters once the darkness of Tenebrae has descended upon the face of the waters.

Pray that you don’t encounter these ‘scummers’ during your travels!

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