Latest Goodreads review – 4/5!

Hello folks!

Received a great review on Goodreads! It’s always good to kick off the week with some positivity!

“Pious is a brilliant character, in equal parts heroic and mysterious, determined and frustrated. His lack of consistent memory forms a very interesting part of the book, as he becomes a character who is not only seeking the truth of the world around him, but also of his own part in it. This journey of self-discovery is excellently written by Chapman.

The world of this story is also well created. Many aspects of it can be likened to similar fantasy stories–as with many books of this genre, it owes much to the books and authors who have come before it. However, I didn’t feel that this detracted from the world-building and atmosphere of the book, as it is still an immersive and creative world. Overall, a great book, and will appeal to mystery and fantasy fans alike. I look forward to reading the next of the series.”
Thank you, Katherine! A few more reviews like this and I may have to finish some of the other books in the series (sooner rather than later)!

Cool! My first hate mail!

So today I received my first hate mail! It’s a real step on the way to stardom! LOL!

I’m hurt. I really am. You could have at least left an official 1 star review – you cowardly cheeky little devil!

Sadly, I’m also an IT guy – so the silly person’s address details were logged on the website! You give me the toppest lel.

Nice try!