Questions on Artwork

Hi Folks! I need YOUR HELP!

The esteemed artist, Adam Edwards and myself, are trying to reach a conclusion…

For the print edition, what would you prefer, from an artwork perspective? What would you normally like to see in any good fantasy novel?

  1. An illustration for each chapter, from a scene within? 
  2. Or an assorted of character sketches, monsters, objects, cities, etc?

Pictures are time, time is money! We can’t go too crazy or we may as well just make a graphic novel!

Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

Friday the 22nd – the day of reckoning.

And just like a B’Astian creeps from the Engulfing Forest – so does Exhumation emerge from pre-order.

Tomorrow – Friday the 22nd of September – marks the day the public gets full access to the book.

Brutal book reviewers, hungry and bored readers, hateful cynics – arm yourself with a copy of the book and bite into the meaty fantasy that is the Exhumation – the 1st book in the Epics of Existentia series.

You can sink your teeth in earlier, by downloading yourself a copy of the glossary for Exhumation – a lengthy text that will be useful to have on hand while reading the main text. The glossary is extracted from the book itself – so no surprises there. Page link is below.

Glossaries and Legendariums


An immediate update will occur to the pre-ordered book, upon the pre-order editing lock being released. This update contains some minor formatting changes.