Acts of the Sojourner – Act 1 – Exhumation: Ready for pre-publishing criticism!

Dear Readers!

Finally… Acts of the Sojourner – Act 1 – Exhumation is ready for pre-publishing criticism!

They say that “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”. So, keeping that in mind – I decided to not have an illustrative cover for my pre-publishing advanced copies for friends, family, etc. I instead opted for ‘tomey’ and ‘tomish’ feel for the hard-cover and soft-cover versions respectively.

I like to believe it adds a certain element of mystery.

I am currently seeking a number of people to provide criticism and feedback on the manuscript. A free eBook awaits those who wish to partake in the review! You will get a mention and thanks on this website for your involvement.

Please leave a comment with your intention to read the manuscript and I will contact you with further information.


A one-off leather hard-cover copy. ‘Tomey‘.