’s Goodreads Review – 3/5!

“It takes quite a long time for the relevance of the first chapter (hunter versus beast) to be made clear. At first, I wasn’t sure if the story was part of Pious’ injury induced hallucinations or if he was simply remembering something he forgot earlier. His later conversation with one of the monsters he’s fighting indicates it’s a memory. The whole chapter amused me but didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the story for a long time. After all, this novel mostly chronicles the adventures of Pious, a professional soldier whose suffering some mental problems as the result of earlier events. He starts out investigating some odd things that are going on in his hometown prior to the start of a local festival. The situation quickly escalates into something more.

This book has some good points, including the characters and their well-developed world. It’s nonetheless hard to follow at times because of all the different concepts (religions, military orders, time frames, castes, traditional practices, and so forth) that pop up without much explanation. There is an extensive index in the back, which certainly helps, but it still gets to a point that it’s overwhelming. Exhumation reads like the second or third book in a series, where there’s plenty of stuff the readers doesn’t know about simply because they came in late to the party. However, as the first book in the series, it could use some prologue information or something so that you don’t spend the whole book trying to sort things out in your mind rather than enjoying the story.”

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Heath Banyai’s Goodreads Review – 5/5!

“As a previous review said, this book takes a while to get into. Simon Chapman spends the first quarter or so of the book doing some fairly heavy exposition and world building. Every page contains a simply huge amount of new terms, social orders, social classes, units of measurement, historical events, fauna, flora, minerals etc that it takes a while for the story to get rolling.

But stick with it. Once the initial expositionary stuff is out the way, the story really gets moving fast. Chapman has created a great fantasy world and the books early set-up is evidence of the care and though he has put into populating his world. 

When things do kick into gear, the action comes thick and fast, and there are a number of great set-piece action sequences and fight scenes.

Hopefully this is the start of a great new fantasy series, I look forward to reading more. As it is, it’s a really enjoyable debut work.”

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Tanya’s Goodreads Review – 3/5!

“The book is difficult to get sucked in to due to the fact that the author spends a large amount of time focused on world building instead of having us connect to the characters, or at least integrating the two. The book also felt like a set up for future books and that’s not the way books are supposed to be. They should all have their own plots that are wrapped up but subplots can carry out and become main plots. Also, the amount of new words and history of the world is completely distracting and feels more like a history class than a fantasy book you can get lost in. 

But once if you stick through and force your way into the latter part of the book then you won’t be disappointed. The characters are fun and interesting and you are easily able to invest in them. This should’ve been done right away. This would hook and make the book much more enjoyable. But while the world building is very distracting, the author is very dedicated and his words are beautiful.”

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Latest Goodreads review – 4/5!

Hello folks!

Received a great review on Goodreads! It’s always good to kick off the week with some positivity!

“Pious is a brilliant character, in equal parts heroic and mysterious, determined and frustrated. His lack of consistent memory forms a very interesting part of the book, as he becomes a character who is not only seeking the truth of the world around him, but also of his own part in it. This journey of self-discovery is excellently written by Chapman.

The world of this story is also well created. Many aspects of it can be likened to similar fantasy stories–as with many books of this genre, it owes much to the books and authors who have come before it. However, I didn’t feel that this detracted from the world-building and atmosphere of the book, as it is still an immersive and creative world. Overall, a great book, and will appeal to mystery and fantasy fans alike. I look forward to reading the next of the series.”
Thank you, Katherine! A few more reviews like this and I may have to finish some of the other books in the series (sooner rather than later)!

Cool! My first hate mail!

So today I received my first hate mail! It’s a real step on the way to stardom! LOL!

I’m hurt. I really am. You could have at least left an official 1 star review – you cowardly cheeky little devil!

Sadly, I’m also an IT guy – so the silly person’s address details were logged on the website! You give me the toppest lel.

Nice try!

Questions on Artwork

Hi Folks! I need YOUR HELP!

The esteemed artist, Adam Edwards and myself, are trying to reach a conclusion…

For the print edition, what would you prefer, from an artwork perspective? What would you normally like to see in any good fantasy novel?

  1. An illustration for each chapter, from a scene within? 
  2. Or an assorted of character sketches, monsters, objects, cities, etc?

Pictures are time, time is money! We can’t go too crazy or we may as well just make a graphic novel!

Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

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The big guns (Kirkus) have given their review! **Spoiler Alert**

Well, Exhumation got its next editorial review…

Let’s sum it up.

“Chapman’s tale, as the subtitle suggests, is epic.”

“A world brimming with dynamic characters and a complex saga that’s only just beginning.”

The rest of the review, you can read below…

EXHUMATION by S. A. Chapman | Kirkus Reviews #kirkus

Here’s to you Kirkus!


Don’t forget to leave your review on Amazon, Goodreads (below) or any place you darned well feel like! Reviews make Indie authors like me feel loved and validated (even if you don’t like us!)

Exhumation: An Epic of Existentia (Acts of the Sojourner Book 1)


Exhumation has received its first professional editorial review!

The verdict… 3/5 (that’s above average, yeah?)

Supposedly my sketches are ‘amateurish’ (not Adam Edwards artwork, which is awesome). That’s actually pretty accurate! They are crappy. Sorry, you’ll get better ones soon!

Let me share some extracts from the review…

“There can only be a sense of wonder at the imagination that spawns such a complex and convoluted tale.” — I can’t tell if this is an insult or an accolade! I also have a sense of wonder at the ability of the editor to create such a complex and convoluted ambiguous statement!

“The myriad of characters that come and go sometimes with little or no interaction but appearing as bystanders in the story line, are almost limitless” — sorry, but those people have day jobs, and people die.

“It almost appears that the author is actually writing out a role-playing game’s history. Perhaps it was enjoyable to the players, but it is probably too complex for the average reader.” — now this can only be read one way… positive. The realm of RPG is for those whose mind has transcended from average to excellent. Sorry average reader, you’ll have to pass on this one.

All in all, It seems I lost 1 star for lame sketches and another star for being too RPG. If I lose a star for that… So be it!

Make up your mind once you have read the review and read the book!

Full review will be posted once is officially posted on the reviewer’s website.

A message to the free downloaders and or freeloaders…

If you’re one of the 100 or so folks who downloaded a free copy of Exhumation during the promo period – you’re a star. Really! You are. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

So, instead of using words to express my thoughts and feelings on the following scenarios, I am going to utilize the dynamic and powerful communication language that is… P’kard Gifs.

Let’s get started…

For people who downloaded a copy and never planned to read it…

For people who downloaded a copy, read it and never intend to leave a review…

For those of you reading it right now and shall review when you are done…

Now folks, I don’t want to hear any of this…

Now if you have read it, loved it and are going to give an amazing review…

But if you read it, hate and want to leave a less charming critique, I’m going to let a different Captain deal with you…

NOW COME ON! Get reading and or reviewing!