Meals from the Heart (of Existentia)

Preparatory works underway! Here you will soon find tasty recipes, sent to us from across the Void!

Why not make yourself a pot of Sanctuarian Gruel, prepared exactly as stipulated in the ‘Five Points of Provision’? It’s hearty, healthy and will keep you energized for your 12 Tolls of hard labour in the service of Sanctuary – just what you need the keep the Clerics of Labour off your back.

Maybe a Fischenhaus Risotto of smoked Stron? Or a pot of Florian Soup?

It might be hard to get access to Steppe Beest butter, a 1 Shot bag Djemms and 1/2 dozen Bruntys – but we can make do with what us ‘Outer Planers’ have access to locally.