70 free copies downloaded!

Hulking overlord (S1): Scamp! How many copies of Exhumation have been downloaded during my free promotion?

Mumbling minion (S2): Ancient and Malignant one – 70 copies have been downloaded for free, by the graciousness of your decree. 

S1: 70 copies? Only 70 copies?! Weak and pathetic mortals! I shall flay them alive for their insolence and derision. 

S2: But, mighty and scary one! – humans are busy, very very busy – oh trembler of souls. Show them mercy. They will download it.

S1: I suppose, silly Scamp. I release thee, go! Wait! …Is there a reason why my internet is slow again? Did you pay the Helstra bill? Is Adolf looking at porn again? Go look. I can’t walk in on that again…

S2: …I’ll check, m’lord. *sigh*

Moral of the Story???

Go and download a freakin’ copy!

Free download until tomorrow!


After I published the first edition of this eBook, I found a scattering of typos.

Rookie Error #1 – read your own book!!! Even after all the edits and re-reads – read it one more time! Read it without your writing/editing hat on, and read it with your reader hat on.

I have fixed them now – and I hope that it is as perfected as it should be. I will be uploading the latest revision today and it will be ‘live’ tomorrow to be downloaded. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I have instigated a cunning plan… a plan that you should mark on your calendar with a giant X

From September 30, 2017 to October 4, 2017 – Exhumation will be available as a free download via Amazon. That’s 5 days for you to download a free copy.

That’s right – *FREE!


Why? Well, I’m a new author and this is my first published book. I have spent a lot of time on this and I want people to READ IT!!!

I’m a rookie on the author scene – and just like a rookie looking for his first job, I need reviews and references. Good, bad or ugly reviews. You are the only person who can help me in this regard.

I need to know whether or not this book and or my writing is of any entertainment value to the reader world. I need to know whether or not to commit to continuing or finishing my other works!

So I’m going to thank you in advance for your time and review, and I accept your thanks in advance for the freebie! No problem and you’re welcome!!!

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*Now that you can get yourself a free copy – you should do the right thing. Read it and review it. Put your review on Amazon or Goodreads. Heck, put a review wherever you want. Help an author out!

Friday the 22nd – the day of reckoning.

And just like a B’Astian creeps from the Engulfing Forest – so does Exhumation emerge from pre-order.

Tomorrow – Friday the 22nd of September – marks the day the public gets full access to the book.

Brutal book reviewers, hungry and bored readers, hateful cynics – arm yourself with a copy of the book and bite into the meaty fantasy that is the Exhumation – the 1st book in the Epics of Existentia series.

You can sink your teeth in earlier, by downloading yourself a copy of the glossary for Exhumation – a lengthy text that will be useful to have on hand while reading the main text. The glossary is extracted from the book itself – so no surprises there. Page link is below.

Glossaries and Legendariums


An immediate update will occur to the pre-ordered book, upon the pre-order editing lock being released. This update contains some minor formatting changes.


Exhumation pre-order and release date confirmed! 22nd September 2017!

Well folks… It’s taken 7 years and an additional 15 kgs, but the time is finally here!

Exhumation, the first Act of the Sojourner, is a tale of treachery, sedition and intrigue set on the planet of Aurania, in the realms of Existentia. 

More importantly – Exhumation is a tale of fidelity, integrity and love. Fidelity, integrity and love towards those nearest and dearest and to an ideal of something greater than the self.

It is the tale of our protagonist Pious Argentum as he unknowingly embarks on a journey of unwilling self-discovery, where a subjective truth is buried deep in the recesses of a lie and manipulated like the softest of clays. It is a journey where even the idea of one’s self is thrown to the wolves of questioning.

You will first set foot into the impenetrable, walled city of Sanctuary – the secular and socialistic capital of the Elysian Concordat. You will follow Pious, the stoic Prime Prefect of the Praetorium – Sanctuary’s defence and policing force, as he foolheartedly pursues the enemies of Sanctuary’s ideals and becomes entangled in a web of pre-conceived deceit and betrayal, where both friends and enemies rise and fall like the tide.
Prepare yourself Sojourner. Will you foil the plot before it’s too late?

Because once it’s too late – harsh measures are required to make right the wrong.

To pre-order your copy now from Amazon/Kindle, Click here!

Exhumation Scheduled Release Date! 30th June 2017!

Alright, good folks. It’s time to party like its ’99 (Era of Purity). 

The time is nigh! Acts of the Sojourner – Act 1 – Exhumation, is about to hit digital shelves on the 30th June 2017. If you’re lucky – maybe even a physical shelf!

Get ready to follow in the footsteps of our stoic protagonist Pious Argentum, as he steps foolheartedly and headstrong into a web of deceit so thick, even you will become entangled. Threats arising from political power struggles, insidious cults, religious persecution, murder, child abductions, civil unrest, insurgents and infertility – lurk in the darkness of every corner and every shadow of Sanctuary, the grand and fortified capital city of the Elysian Concordat.

Can you follow the clues and solve the many mysteries that beg to be solved? Can you ask the questions that will require an answer? Will you come to understand the ties that bind? Believe nothing that you see and half of what you hear, and more importantly – trust no one.

Pre-Orders will be available soon on the Kindle/Amazon store!

Few things stand to be completed (but are not far off) before Pre-Order will become available:

  • Front Cover Art Work (to whet your imagination),
  • In book map (so you dont get lost),
  • In book timeline (so you know the difference between the Era of Truth and the Era of Purity [because that’s useful, you know?]).

Thank’s for reading – and I’ll meet you on the other side once you get a copy!

New Artwork Posted: Raker

All Sailors and Sailoresses of the Hydraen fear Rakers. The sheer thought of encountering a thrash (group) of Rakers at sea would be enough to make them bunker down at the Tangled Kelp Tavern for another brew or two – and leave that cargo shipment for the next Step.

The Raker’s taste for ‘Land-Flesh’, whether that flesh is wood or human – is insatiable. So a tasty wooden ship, full of tasty squishy humans, is a smorgasbord on the high seas for these voracious predators.

But fortunately for the Seafarers Union – the Raker, like all Shadefiends, only venture out and hunt after dark. Rakers emerge from their vast submarine caves into open waters once the darkness of Tenebrae has descended upon the face of the waters.

Pray that you don’t encounter these ‘scummers’ during your travels!

Jump to the Artwork page for more.

Pre-publishing Soft Cover 1st Edition

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, Fandom and Random strangers!

I now have a few boxes of Soft Cover 1st Edition in my possession – and soon to collect dust.

If you want a copy of this limited edition (flaws and all) drop me a message. Your mission, if you choose to accept it – is to tell if you think the book is awesome (or not!).


Soft Cover 1st Edition – “Tome’ish
Title page

Free supplemental texts to the Epics are now available!

If you feel like having a little dip into the one of the many realms of Existentia, prior to the release of the novel – feel free to download some of the supplemental texts.

Click here to go to the download page!

The supplements are not required when reading the novels – however they add an extra layer of depth that readers can apply, if they so desire to be immersive!

Anyway… Enjoy!

P.S. – Feel free to give some feedback!