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Hi Folks,

After finally releasing the Print Edition of Exhumation, things took a bit of a dive. Some of you may or may not know – but I have recently hit a bit of a health roadblock. I am no long working full time and I’m trying to understand what it is I need to do next with my life. As my health recovers, I have some time to consider what is good in life.

Maybe I will read more, grow my hair and become wise…

Actually, I have a lot of writing in the pipeline. But do I make the jump and hammer out tome after tome? I can do it, but should I?

Should I burn countless hours and coin for potentially no reason – especially if no one is ever going to enjoy the fruits of my labour?

So I thought I would give Patreon a go – a decent indicator if anyone is remotely interested in my continuing my writing. Until now, all my writing time and investment as been at my own cost. Writing, Artwork, Promo and Marketing. It’s been a bit of a drain, but unless you are one of the writing deities – this is not a cheap market to stay in.

So if you are one of those random folks who likes my work, or would like me to continue writing at a regular pace – please consider being my Patron. Small investment – MASSIVE REWARDS. No Pyramid scheme, I promise. It’s more of a Tetrahedron scheme. ūüôā


It’s Promo Giveaway time! Offer ends Oct 25, 2017 11:59 PM PDT

Ok folks, fans and random strangers!

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  • Do you live in one of the 50 States of the United States of America?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you’re in luck.

You are eligible to win a Kindle Paperwhite!

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You heard me…

All you need to do is follow me on Amazon Author Central.

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The big guns (Kirkus) have given their review! **Spoiler Alert**

Well, Exhumation got its next editorial review…

Let’s sum it up.

“Chapman‚Äôs tale, as the subtitle suggests, is epic.”

“A world brimming with dynamic characters and a complex saga that’s only just beginning.”

The rest of the review, you can read below…

EXHUMATION by S. A. Chapman | Kirkus Reviews https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/s-chapman/exhumation/ #kirkus

Here’s to you Kirkus!


Don’t forget to leave your review on Amazon, Goodreads (below) or any place you darned well feel like! Reviews make Indie authors like me feel loved and validated (even if you don’t like us!)

Exhumation: An Epic of Existentia (Acts of the Sojourner Book 1)



After I published the first edition of this eBook, I found a scattering of typos.

Rookie Error #1 – read your own book!!! Even after all the edits and re-reads – read it one more time! Read it without your writing/editing hat on, and read it with your reader hat on.

I have fixed them now – and I hope that it is as perfected as it should be. I will be uploading the latest revision today and it will be ‘live’ tomorrow to be downloaded. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I have instigated a cunning plan… a plan that you should mark on your calendar with a giant X

From September 30, 2017¬†to October 4, 2017 – Exhumation will be available as a free download via Amazon. That’s 5 days for you to download a free copy.

That’s right – *FREE!


Why? Well, I’m a new author and this is my first published book. I have spent a lot of time on this and I want people to READ IT!!!

I’m a rookie on the author scene – and just¬†like a rookie looking for his first job, I need reviews and references. Good, bad or ugly reviews. You are the only person who can help me in this regard.

I need to know whether or not this book and or my writing is of any entertainment value to the reader world. I need to know whether or not to commit to continuing or finishing my other works!

So I’m going to thank you in advance for your time and review, and I accept your thanks in advance for the freebie! No problem and you’re welcome!!!

Click here to find your download link!


*Now that you can get yourself a free copy – you should do the right thing. Read it and review it. Put your review on Amazon or Goodreads. Heck, put a review wherever you want. Help an author out!

Friday the 22nd – the day of reckoning.

And just like a B’Astian creeps from the Engulfing Forest – so does Exhumation emerge from pre-order.

Tomorrow – Friday the 22nd of September – marks the day the public gets full access to the book.

Brutal book reviewers, hungry and bored readers, hateful cynics Рarm yourself with a copy of the book and bite into the meaty fantasy that is the Exhumation Рthe 1st book in the Epics of Existentia series.

You can sink your teeth in earlier, by downloading yourself a copy of the glossary for Exhumation – a lengthy text that will be useful to have on hand while reading the main text. The glossary is extracted from the book itself – so no surprises there. Page link is below.

Glossaries and Legendariums


An immediate update will occur to the pre-ordered book, upon the pre-order editing lock being released. This update contains some minor formatting changes.


Pre-publishing Soft Cover 1st Edition

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, Fandom and Random strangers!

I now have a few boxes of Soft Cover 1st Edition in my possession – and soon to collect dust.

If you want a copy of this limited edition (flaws and all) drop me a message. Your mission, if you choose to accept it – is to tell if you think the book is awesome (or not!).


Soft Cover 1st Edition – “Tome’ish
Title page

Acts of the Sojourner – Act 1 – Exhumation: Ready for pre-publishing criticism!

Dear Readers!

Finally… Acts of the Sojourner – Act 1 – Exhumation is¬†ready for pre-publishing criticism!

They say that “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”. So, keeping that in mind – I decided to not have an illustrative cover for my pre-publishing advanced copies for friends, family, etc. I instead opted for ‘tomey’ and ‘tomish’ feel for the hard-cover and soft-cover versions respectively.

I like to believe it adds a certain element of mystery.

I am currently seeking a number of people to provide criticism and feedback on the manuscript. A free eBook awaits those who wish to partake in the review! You will get a mention and thanks on this website for your involvement.

Please leave a comment with your intention to read the manuscript and I will contact you with further information.


A one-off leather hard-cover copy. ‘Tomey‘.