Enjoy some conceptual artwork from the Epics. All images Copyright (C) 2016, 2017.

Concept art for the Raker (Hadean Shadefiend of the Deep). The Raker has three Genders: a male feeder and fertiliser, a female spawner and tracker, and a monstrously sized and gender neutral guardian of the fertilised eggs. Raker’s show their ugly head/body in Act 1 of the “Acts of the Twin”. Artwork was produced under contest on Freelancer artist is credited – be sure to check out their work.

Raker Clutcher (Guardian of the Spawn). Freelancer Artist: Onionmaster

The following concept art by the amazingly talented Bartosz Korotkiewicz. Make sure you check out his work!

The Scythian Voivode of House B’Ast (AOTS – Act 1)
The Medling Hierophant (AOTS – Act 1)
Alchemical Master Zosim Vytha Ves (AOTS – Act 1)
Sarcophagus of Talgyr (AOTT – Act 1)
The Last Stand of the Druidess (AOTT – Act 1)
Magister Lothar Desgauliers and Page-Ward Jacq (AOTT – Act 1)

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