Run or Die – progress images

Well folks, some progress on a few fronts.

The illustrious illustrator Adam Edwards and I are underway in the production of our first graphic novel – Run or Die.

It’s Running Man meets Terminator in an all out rapid assault on the senses. In a not so distant future, where our administrative and caretaker assistant AI has recognized that life – especially human – is the embodiment of disorder, oppression begins on a global scale. At first; not being able to directly end a life, they begin a gradual process of enslavement and rehabilitation. After countless wars, internal strife amongst human factions and the almost total enslavement of the human race – there is one last chance and push to end the AI once and for all. The only problem is there’s only a few hours left to complete the task. What’s worse is that there is only one team left that can pull it off – and they don’t play nice. Especially with each other.

If you like your action sliced thick – with layers of assault droids, rail guns, trenches and the stench ridden dead – then this one’s for you.

More updates will come!

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