I’m now live on Patreon…

Hi Folks,

After finally releasing the Print Edition of Exhumation, things took a bit of a dive. Some of you may or may not know – but I have recently hit a bit of a health roadblock. I am no long working full time and I’m trying to understand what it is I need to do next with my life. As my health recovers, I have some time to consider what is good in life.

Maybe I will read more, grow my hair and become wise…

Actually, I have a lot of writing in the pipeline. But do I make the jump and hammer out tome after tome? I can do it, but should I?

Should I burn countless hours and coin for potentially no reason – especially if no one is ever going to enjoy the fruits of my labour?

So I thought I would give Patreon a go – a decent indicator if anyone is remotely interested in my continuing my writing. Until now, all my writing time and investment as been at my own cost. Writing, Artwork, Promo and Marketing. It’s been a bit of a drain, but unless you are one of the writing deities – this is not a cheap market to stay in.

So if you are one of those random folks who likes my work, or would like me to continue writing at a regular pace – please consider being my Patron. Small investment – MASSIVE REWARDS. No Pyramid scheme, I promise. It’s more of a Tetrahedron scheme. 🙂


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