Calling all NetGalley’ers


It’s been nearly a year since I first published Exhumation in Kindle Format. A few revisions and edits later – I’m ready to print!

So… I’m calling out to all NetGalley’ers with a penchant for Epic Fantasy — are interested in reviewing Exhumation before it goes into print for the first time?

I would be very appreciative if you were to do so! The link to the NetGalley page is below.

Beneficence be Praised!

Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

In a city where deep resentments lie,
of kin banished to the shadows,
with no light in the sky;
a high tide of revenge,
draws ever nigh,
as a guardian still questions…
“who and what am I?”

In his position as the Prime Prefect, the Underborn Pious Argentum is responsible for the security and order of Sanctuary; an ancient and impenetrable stronghold coveted by those inside and outside its walls.

As if sedition and famine weren’t enough to deal, Pious battles disturbing visions that feel like memories; nightmarish memories of an alien landscape, where a monstrous fiend relentlessly pursues him.

While the long and fragile strands of peace are fraying, and disorder threatens stability, Pious will have an opportunity to learn of his past — beyond the incident that stripped him of his memories. In doing so, he may lose everything he has and is.

War destroyed who he was.
War rebuilt who he is.
War made him the Prime Prefect.
War hasn’t finished with him yet.


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