Tanya’s Goodreads Review – 3/5!

“The book is difficult to get sucked in to due to the fact that the author spends a large amount of time focused on world building instead of having us connect to the characters, or at least integrating the two. The book also felt like a set up for future books and that’s not the way books are supposed to be. They should all have their own plots that are wrapped up but subplots can carry out and become main plots. Also, the amount of new words and history of the world is completely distracting and feels more like a history class than a fantasy book you can get lost in. 

But once if you stick through and force your way into the latter part of the book then you won’t be disappointed. The characters are fun and interesting and you are easily able to invest in them. This should’ve been done right away. This would hook and make the book much more enjoyable. But while the world building is very distracting, the author is very dedicated and his words are beautiful.”

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