Heath Banyai’s Goodreads Review – 5/5!

“As a previous review said, this book takes a while to get into. Simon Chapman spends the first quarter or so of the book doing some fairly heavy exposition and world building. Every page contains a simply huge amount of new terms, social orders, social classes, units of measurement, historical events, fauna, flora, minerals etc that it takes a while for the story to get rolling.

But stick with it. Once the initial expositionary stuff is out the way, the story really gets moving fast. Chapman has created a great fantasy world and the books early set-up is evidence of the care and though he has put into populating his world. 

When things do kick into gear, the action comes thick and fast, and there are a number of great set-piece action sequences and fight scenes.

Hopefully this is the start of a great new fantasy series, I look forward to reading more. As it is, it’s a really enjoyable debut work.”

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