Exhumation has received its first professional editorial review!

The verdict… 3/5 (that’s above average, yeah?)

Supposedly my sketches are ‘amateurish’ (not Adam Edwards artwork, which is awesome). That’s actually pretty accurate! They are crappy. Sorry, you’ll get better ones soon!

Let me share some extracts from the review…

“There can only be a sense of wonder at the imagination that spawns such a complex and convoluted tale.” — I can’t tell if this is an insult or an accolade! I also have a sense of wonder at the ability of the editor to create such a complex and convoluted ambiguous statement!

“The myriad of characters that come and go sometimes with little or no interaction but appearing as bystanders in the story line, are almost limitless” — sorry, but those people have day jobs, and people die.

“It almost appears that the author is actually writing out a role-playing game’s history. Perhaps it was enjoyable to the players, but it is probably too complex for the average reader.” — now this can only be read one way… positive. The realm of RPG is for those whose mind has transcended from average to excellent. Sorry average reader, you’ll have to pass on this one.

All in all, It seems I lost 1 star for lame sketches and another star for being too RPG. If I lose a star for that… So be it!

Make up your mind once you have read the review and read the book!

Full review will be posted once is officially posted on the reviewer’s website.

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