70 free copies downloaded!

Hulking overlord (S1): Scamp! How many copies of Exhumation have been downloaded during my free promotion?

Mumbling minion (S2): Ancient and Malignant one – 70 copies have been downloaded for free, by the graciousness of your decree. 

S1: 70 copies? Only 70 copies?! Weak and pathetic mortals! I shall flay them alive for their insolence and derision. 

S2: But, mighty and scary one! – humans are busy, very very busy – oh trembler of souls. Show them mercy. They will download it.

S1: I suppose, silly Scamp. I release thee, go! Wait! …Is there a reason why my internet is slow again? Did you pay the Helstra bill? Is Adolf looking at porn again? Go look. I can’t walk in on that again…

S2: …I’ll check, m’lord. *sigh*

Moral of the Story???

Go and download a freakin’ copy!

Free download until tomorrow!

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