Exhumation pre-order and release date confirmed! 22nd September 2017!

Well folks… It’s taken 7 years and an additional 15 kgs, but the time is finally here!

Exhumation, the first Act of the Sojourner, is a tale of treachery, sedition and intrigue set on the planet of Aurania, in the realms of Existentia. 

More importantly – Exhumation is a tale of fidelity, integrity and love. Fidelity, integrity and love towards those nearest and dearest and to an ideal of something greater than the self.

It is the tale of our protagonist Pious Argentum as he unknowingly embarks on a journey of unwilling self-discovery, where a subjective truth is buried deep in the recesses of a lie and manipulated like the softest of clays. It is a journey where even the idea of one’s self is thrown to the wolves of questioning.

You will first set foot into the impenetrable, walled city of Sanctuary – the secular and socialistic capital of the Elysian Concordat. You will follow Pious, the stoic Prime Prefect of the Praetorium – Sanctuary’s defence and policing force, as he foolheartedly pursues the enemies of Sanctuary’s ideals and becomes entangled in a web of pre-conceived deceit and betrayal, where both friends and enemies rise and fall like the tide.
Prepare yourself Sojourner. Will you foil the plot before it’s too late?

Because once it’s too late – harsh measures are required to make right the wrong.

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